The robot notes


‘The robot notes’ is a personal initiative which intends sharing knowledge, and my own opinions, abouts robots and robotics, specially advanced and cognitive robots.

It consists of series of short videos that capture knowledge, and mi own opinions, about robot and robotics, specially advanced and cognitive robotics.

The videos are organized in six main areas:

  • Concepts
  • Technology / Engineering
  • Cognitive capabilities
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Applications and Use Cases
  • Ethics

It is currently in ‘ongoing’ state and will grow adding more and more videos until meeting all my research and dissemination objectives.


The robot concepts

Reverse engineering the robot concept

Robot traits

Types of robots

Robot adaptation

Embodiment, Situatedness, and Enaction

Software robots

Technology / Engineering

Physical structure


Degrees of freedom



Electric Motors

PID Control


Position sensors

Velocity and acceleration sensors

Force, pressure and torque sensors

Touch and tactile sensors

Proximity sensors

Range & distance sensors

Intelligent materials

Mobile robots


Cognitive Capabilities

Cognition & cognitive capabilities

Human-Robot Interaction

What is Human-Robot Interaction?


Robots & groups

Applications / Use cases

Industrial Robots vs. Service Robots

Robot Ethics

No videos yet in this section